Just-in-Time Access Control: The Helios Advantage in Data Governance

In an age where data breaches are both costly and increasingly sophisticated, organizations are bolstered by the European Union’s directives such as the NIS2, which strengthen security measures across network and information systems. Compliance with such regulations is not just a legal imperative but a crucial component of trust and reliability in the eyes of stakeholders and customers.

Just-in-Time (JIT) access control has emerged as a salient response to these challenges, shifting away from the static access permissions of pasts to a more dynamic and context-sensitive framework. Here, we delve into how Helios, through its advanced capabilities, facilitates JIT access control and merges with Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) systems to bolster data governance and security.

Helios: Paving the Way for Robust Security and Compliance

Adaptable Access Rights
Under JIT access control, privileges are granted in real-time, based on specific conditions, and only for a limited duration. Helios shines in this domain by intelligently analyzing user context, roles, and behavior patterns to grant access when it’s operationally necessary and revoking it immediately after. This approach is in line with NIS2’s ethos, reducing the attack surface and potential for unauthorized access.

Harmonizing With IGA
Integrating Helios with an IGA system multiplies the benefits manifold. IGA systems manage digital identities and their entitlements, while Helios can supply the intelligence and analytics to make informed decisions about access rights. It serves as the policy information point, where access decisions are not just based on static attributes but also real-time data and analytics provided by Helios.

Empowering Data Governance
Helios’s ability extends beyond mere access control. Its data governance capabilities ensure that organizations can not only pinpoint who has access to what but also understand the why behind it. Helios provides clear visibility into entitlements, drawing attention to the underlying justifications for access—a crucial factor in meeting regulatory compliance and internal audits.

Business Benefits
By adopting Helios, businesses can expect:

  • Enhanced regulatory compliance and adherence to security legislation.
  • A reduction in the risk of data breaches with JIT access control.
  • Streamlined operations by granting access as needed, avoiding bottleneck approvals.
  • Insightful data governance, ensuring that access rights are aligned with organizational policies and regulatory requirements.

Integrating Helios with an IGA system results in a symbiotic ecosystem where access rights are governed by a sophisticated understanding of user roles, data sensitivity, and contextual analytics. This not only meets the stringent requirements of regulations like NIS2 but also instills a proactive culture of security within the organization.

As we continue to navigate the complexities of digital security, Helios stands as a beacon for organizations seeking to fortify their access control and data governance strategies. The partnership between Helios and IGA systems is not just an operational upgrade—it is a strategic enabler for businesses keen on safeguarding their most valuable asset: their data.

This blog post emphasizes how Helios facilitates just-in-time access control, supporting organizations in their efforts to comply with security protection legislation and NIS2, while highlighting the integration benefits with IGA systems. For a more detailed exploration of how Helios can transform your organization’s security posture, please contact us.

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