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Providing services such as IAM architecture, integration and configuration of their IGA platform and implementing attribute based access control.

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With our feet firmly grounded in the area of identity and access management, we have a strong belief that security information governance is crucial in any business or enterprise, may it concern access policies, human resource information, contracts or any other business critical information.
With our product and solutions, you do not only gain the capability to apply an external control plane to your business-critical information – you will also gain data processing capabilities such as information modelling, data visualization, dynamic API model rendering as well as policy editing, graphical search, and lot’s more functionality.
This way, you cannot only regain control over the information – you can also reuse the information in additional ways, allowing you to find flaws or to explore new business ventures. And you can easily manage attributes and properties in modern access solutions such dynamic access control (PBAC).

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