Security Information Governance

In many organizations the urge or need for more control over information is rapidly becoming quite a mouthful as trends drives for api’s and zero trust patterns. In many cases, the way forward for organizations to achieve an effective access control, they aim to implement a dynamic access control allowing them to implement e.g., external regulatory demands in an effective way. All good there, most of us know that this is the way forward, but is it really as easy as access control vendor claims?

Many organizations are just not ready for the implications of implementing a dynamic access control just because the underlying information needed for the access policies are not at the required level of assurance.

We believe that not only the capability to take control but to stay in control of the underlying information bits and pieces required by a dynamic access control for instance is as crucial as the dynamic access control itself, if not more because just the ability to visualize, detect and manually act on abnormalities is some times good enough.

We call this Security Information Governance and we define this by capabilities as;

Approval flows for changes/update
Initiate workflow steps before a security critical attribute is updated, asserting that unexpected behaviors are effectively remedied

Thresholds and alarms
Clear and concise overview of critical security information e.g., number of domain admins in your enterprise or number of users with a riskscore over a predefined value

Reports and analytics
Provide complete graph analytics with relationships and export to users on schedule or events

Source data interaction
Event driven data allows for instant actions and puts the governance officer in complete control

Data normalization
Build combined and aggregated data models where attributes are normalized and cleaned on the fly

Here at Helisoft, we are proud to bridge the gap for enterprises who seek to connect their information islands to venture into new business cases, or simply use attributes and properties in modern access solutions such dynamic access control. Further more, they do not only gain the capability to apply an external control plane to their security critical information, they also gain capabilities such as information modeling, dynamic API rendering and graph search.

If you want more information on how we can help you make better use of your information, send us a message on linkedIn.

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