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Helios is an event-driven, cloud native platform for data governance that not only allows you to ingest, visualize, analyze information but also allows for aggregated models while policies manage the governance and compliance of your business!

Information Models

Data Ingestion


Dynamic API


Whether your use case is, providing an overview of your information, correlating HR data with Active Directory, applies governance and compliance to aggregated information, or acts as a policy information point (PIP) for dynamic access control solutions. It is all made easy with our phased approach.

Data visualization

With its advanced data visualization capabilities, Helios empowers you to generate dynamic, interactive visual representations of your data. This not only enables you to uncover hidden patterns and trends but also to facilitate efficient communication of information within the organization.

Security Information Governance Made Easy as One Two Three!

Helios offers capabilities in three clear phases. Depending on need and maturity, you can easily move thru them, in your own pace.

About Helisoft

With identity and access management as a base, we have the passion and professional competence to make security information governance available and manageable, giving an edge to any operation with a need of utilizing and making the best out of critical business information.

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